About us

The Foundation for Responsible Citizens is an independent Hungarian NGO, founded in 2018 for the purpose of promoting basic public affairs, law and civic education. We aim to contribute to the strengthening of the democratic society, the increase of active participation in public life and the development of responsible thinking by providing the necessary knowledge and skills.

It is our duty to fill the gap in the existing general theoretical and practical knowledge and to develop these into skills. Our aim is to equip the participants with the ability to become open-minded, conscious citizens who are interested in public affairs, can understand public matters and make responsible decisions.

We hope that, in the long run, our efforts to teach individual critical thinking will contribute not only to the increase of involvement in public life but consequently to the advancement of our society. To achieve our goals, the Foundation is engaged in organising informative and educational activities and publishes research papers. We also organise courses and both professional and cultural events.


1. Classmate program

We established our Classmate program specifically for high schoolers. Its purpose on one hand is to prepare them for the final exam in civic education and on the other hand to expand their knowledge in public affairs, economics and law by providing a new approach to social science education. It is important that students understand these matters, so they may get inspired to participate more actively in their local communities as well as in the public life of the country. 

We believe that the current frontal teaching methodology in high schools is outdated. We have to meet the expectations of the 21st century by developing the critical skill sets in creativity, team work, communication and individual thinking. That is why our lessons are based on interactions and games. We help students utilise their existing theoretical knowledge in a practical manner to transform it into useful skills. 

We take advantage of technological opportunities in order to create interactive, visual presentations as well as simulations and games that fit into 45 minutes lessons. The lecturers are university students who are experts in their area and, due to the small age difference, can connect with the students easily.

2. Professional events

Keeping our goals in sight, the primary objective of our events, which are open to the public, is to educate. We are planning to launch a variety of interactive, informative and fun activities in the near future, such as quiz nights, debates, or workshops.

3. Blog

Besides our educational activity in high schools, we wish to bring the most important aspects of public life closer to the younger generations on a written platform. We set up our blog, polalap.blog.hu, in the Spring of 2020, to explain the frequently heard and used concepts, phenomena, and events of the public and economic life as simply  as possible, while remaining scientifically accurate. We use relevant studies and scientific background to explain subjects thoroughly while also raising the readers’ interest in politics, with focus on public affairs.

4. Scientific research

In the Autumn of 2020 we are conducting a qualitative and quantitative study to reveal the current state of civic education in high schools in Hungary.



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